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To kill a Mockingbird. Themes (ignorance)

To kill a Mockingbird. Themes (ignorance) TKAM \The dictionary defines ignorance as the lack of education or knowledge. Throughout TKAM Harper Lee writes about ignorance and it's affects on society. We learn about the sweet childish ignorance of Scout and Jem compared to the mean coldness of Mr.Ewell. Ignorance shows itself in many different ways such as racism, sexism, and class- ism.Jem and Scout are sheltered from the world and all it's evilness. Their ignorance is used as a shield to protect them from knowing the terrible realities of Maycomb. Although Scout and Jem aren't as ignorant as many of the more educated adults are, there ignorance stands out as different because theirs doesn't make them racist or sexist. When they lose their innocence they are losing their shield of ignorance. Their ignorance comes and goes throughout the book until the very end, "After that, it didn't matter weather they went or not.Hemispheric IgnoranceJem said he would take me. Thus began our longest journey together" (p. 254). I think this is about their Journey into adult hood. When they are attacked by Mr. Ewell (the most racist man in town), it is like racism came crashing down on them when he attacked them. they lose their ignorance on that long journey away from their childhood.Scout and Jem's NaivetÂÆ'Â © is much different then the ignorance of the town. Their Naivety is stopping them from becoming one of the cruel townspeople. It's interesting because the children's ignorance is there to shield them from the ignorance of the Maycomb people. After Scout loses her ignorance she gains empathy for many people. It is shown with Boo Radley, when she walks him to his house. When she was younger she was terrified of him, she wouldn't even go near his house without running. But she puts...

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Identify and critically evaluate the most significant suitability Essay

Identify and critically evaluate the most significant suitability issues affecting Events or the events industry. What are the prospects for the future - Essay Example There may also be less financial objectives correlated with the thoughts and the feelings during and after the event, of those who are attending it (Raj & Et. Al., 2008). In the paper, a particular event industry will be studied in relation to its sustainable development along with the principles of sustainable operations within the industry. Various facets comprising their financial factors, environmental influence, environmental ethics, various sustainability issues along with their benefits, threats and risks, corporate social responsibilities toward the consumers, environmental audit, marketing procedures and public relations, change of climate and its implications along with carbon footprints and budgets will be taken into the consideration in the discussion of this paper. The paper has been focused particularly on sport events and sport event industry. According to Jones, sustainable development is regarded as the capacity to make sustainable development and also provides a surety that it can comply with the needs of the current situation without considering the capability of future expectations (Jones, 2010). From the ecological or environmental point of view, a sustainable system relating with the environment maintains a constant supply of resources along with avoiding overuse of renewable resources or harmful environmental functions and ultimately diminishes non-renewable resources to a certain extent (Harris, 2000) From the economic point of view, a sustainable development focuses mainly on performing various actions in order to create a better future for the people. Also, it identifies the situations where market prices of the economy do not properly match with the external costs (Harris, 2000). From the social perspective, a sustainable system should perform various functions like proper allocation of equity; maintain the requisites of social services like healthiness,

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The Civil Rights Demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama Research Paper

The Civil Rights Demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama - Research Paper Example Such cultural or ideological concept was further strengthened with the formulation and implementation of certain ordinances in the city. Two particular ordinances that highlight segregationist policies are Section 369 and Section 597 of the city ordinances (Birmingham’s Racial Segregation Ordinances, May 1951). Section 369 is about the separation of races when it comes to restaurants and other places in the city that serve food. A restaurant may also serve to both blacks and whites but dividers should also be put in place. Section 597, on the other hand, explicitly states that â€Å"it shall be unlawful for a negro and a white person to play together or in company with each other in any game of cards or dice, dominoes or checkers.† These policies clearly banned any socialization done between whites and blacks. What is interesting to note is that Birmingham, during the said period in history, nearly had an equal population of white Americans and African Americans; the fo rmer comprising 60 percent while the latter made up for 40 percent. It is clear that while the blacks were a minority, they were not far behind in numbers when compared to the whites. However, this was also the factor why they bore the brunt of racism even more. This could be seen in how they had been deprived of job opportunities. This consequently affected the capabilities of the blacks to gain income. According to Garrow, the average income of African Americans in Birmingham was less than half of white salary-earners; a fact that could be observed at the local steel mills (1989, p. 165). The jobs that were made available to the blacks were only those that are under the category of manual labor. Any time that retrenchments have to be made, it was always the black workers that have to leave first. Aside from the cultural and economic biases against the blacks in Birmingham, violent actions and political coercion were also made against them. These only made the situations even worse . In fact, there were scores of bombings that were made since 1945 to 1962 that targeted prominent African American individuals. Homes, meeting places, and even churches used by the blacks, especially those that were used as venues to discuss their conditions, were not spared from such attacks. The state of Alabama outlawed the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. This is the reason why Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, along with other leaders in the church, organized the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. The said organization immediately waged a campaign to junk the segregationist ordinances in Birmingham. The courts were soon convinced that segregationist policies related to the use of the city’s parks are illegal. In response, the city administration decided to close the parks. Early Attempts at Demonstrations and Failures After realizing that Birmingham’s city administration would not easily give in to the demands for the termination o f segregationist policies, Rev. Shuttlesworth decided to seek help from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which was fast becoming influential in uniting the blacks in the struggle for civil rights. The SCLC responded positively and immediately went to plan the first series of protests. Its first attempt at non-violent direct actions aimed to put pressure on the city’

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Benefits of Video Games Essay Example for Free

Benefits of Video Games Essay In todays frantic and stressful society, a desire to escape sometimes is imminent. There are piles of work to do, constant headaches, and relationship tensions are rising. In this current condition one may be aware that it will be impossible to get anything accomplished. What one really needs is a chance to get away from it all, to replenish the mind and release all of their apprehension. A relaxing vacation to a secluded private island would do the trick, but of course this is impractical. Instead, at no cost one can fully immerse into a lush, stunning virtual paradise oozing with beauty and serenity. This is the magnificence of the modern video game world; it lets a person be somebody they could only dream of, construct amazing structures and inventions, or can even provide relief and fulfillment. However, stress relief and personal enjoyment are not the sole advantages. Video games should be more widely accepted and integrated into the daily and professional lives of individuals because of the many positive effects they create, which include: self satisfaction, educational and economic opportunities, advances in technology and science, and the spawning of creativity and ingenuity. One of the age old attacks against video games is the statement that they contain an addictive allure that grabs hold of students and chokes the academic life out of them; well, according to recent studies, quite the opposite may be observed. In a study of young children age four and five, conducted by the Ready to Learn Initiative, it was found that through the addition of digital devices and video games into a school curriculum, it was possible to greatly increase letter recognition and early literacy skills. A further study by the Education Department Center found that kindergarteners with poor home conditions, who had experienced a video game based curriculum in preschool, were more adapted and successful (The Benefits). This prevents students from falling behind and creates interest in school. Although it is true that a handful of games possess no real advantages and are a distraction from work, the sheer number of games designed as educational tools or as brain-teasers clearly outweigh that fraction. In fact, nearly sixty percent of all video games are categorized as E for veryone, which primarily consists of healthy brain-growing challenges and activities. Large video game companies such as Big Fish, Broderbund, and Educational Insights are devoted to developing products that will wrack a players brain. Collectively, they provide exciting puzzles, history and science education in an interesting way, and dynamic math-oriented games (Gibson). The majority of players are hard at work improving their skills and cognitive abilities, while a few negative cases of video game players get all of the publicity. The benefits of games do not end there, however. (The Benefits) Many online video games provide valuable economic lessons and other important skills required in jobs and professional life. For instance, Second Life, a colossal in the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) industry, contains thousands of college students working for credit in their classes and career-related experience. Business students can take advantage of the game currency called Linden dollars, which can be exchanged for real money; they do this by selling in-game real estate and running retail businesses while learning about marketing, budgeting, and management. Fashion design and 3D-modeling students can collaborate to create articles of clothing and wardrobes. Even architectural students are taking advantage of the opportunities that Second Life provides by designing virtual buildings and structures (Driscoll). This video game opens up a world for these students to directly apply the information they are learning in class in a hands-on and logistically sound way. It also provides them with a source of income that supports and encourages their efforts. Other games and simulations are even used to ethically train medical students and to ready military recruits for the harsh reality of war. As a result of sophisticated games such as these, the pupils make less mistakes and are more prepared when they begin their high-risk careers. Aside from these rigid settings, other casual games are developing the skills of teenagers and adults in a more subtle way. Cooperative games such as World of Warcraft require teams of players to work together to reach a common goal. Each individual is given responsibilities and specific roles, and a few people are even selected to lead the group and provide direction and structure. Hundreds of similar games also teach the same teamwork, leadership, and responsibility to their players, which are all vital qualities to have in order to be successful in society. Not only can video games polish an individuals abilities, but they have the potential to facilitate advancements in the fields of technology and science as well. For example, the highly commended game, Foldit, requires the players to fold real proteins in the most efficient way as possible while competing against others online. Computer software alone is not very successful at predicting the future shapes of irregular objects, and so with the presence of the human minds puzzle-solving skills scientists have been able to create breakthroughs through utilizing this game (Toppo). For example, a sample of a monkey HIV protein which had mystified scientists for over fifteen years was recently introduced to the players for analyzing, who were then able to solve it in a mere ten days. The most proliferate solutions may even help scientists develop cures for many medical conditions such as AIDs, cancer, and Alzheimers disease (Toppo). However, playing video games such as these isnt the only way advancements have been produced. According to Rick Nauert, PhD, the hardware used in gaming consoles, particularly the graphics cards, have been implemented into medical and research equipment in order to enhance the quality of MRI images and the maps produced by seismic waves. These improvements allow scientists to diagnose medical issues more readily, and helps geologists find new clues to the Earths history. In addition, as a result of the competition between elite video game companies such as Microsoft and its adversary Sony, this hardware is advancing so quickly that improvements are constantly available and becoming much more affordable. Smaller laboratories are now able to get their hands on this technology rather than being limited by their budgets. Video game antagonists will argue that gaming chains individuals to their televisions and leads to unhealthy and sedentary activity. Although this can be true in some cases, it is at least a lot more beneficial than passively watching a television program, which would most likely be the obvious second choice for activity. While immersing oneself into a video game, it is required to use critical thinking, imagination, and creativity. If one is about to tackle a ferocious monster, it is imperative that all available information is processed quickly and logically so as to avoid death. The same thing is true if one is navigating through a dangerous obstacle course, or solving a difficult puzzle. Games such as The Sims series allow players to harness their inner creativity to design their own houses, develop their families, and to interact in a simulation of real life. The Tycoon series includes several games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, and Hospital Tycoon. In these games individuals act as the boss and coordinator of everything. One is required to build structures and fences, determine admission and event prices, and manage policies as well as staff. As long as one can think of an idea, it can be built and they can watch their ideas come to life. Another fascinating and interactive game is titled Spore. The goal of this game is to guide a group of organisms in the players control through the evolutionary stages of life. The individual starts in the cell level and directs their units to find food and reproduce. After undergoing several mitoses, they proceed to the creature stage where it is possible to design the organisms physical characteristics and mechanical features. How well the creature is created determines how adept its survivability and competitiveness is in the upcoming tribal, civilization, and space stages (Spore). Games such as these require a high level of entrepreneurship and originality in order to succeed and crowd out all of the competition. They develop the imagination and promote higher order thinking skills which are invaluable in our demanding society. Finally, the reason that hits home for the majority of video game users is its effectiveness as a stress reliever and object of entertainment. It can be safely assumed that on several occasions individuals have been locked up in their house on a rainy day with nothing to do. In this situation, it is too sloppy outside to do anything and everyone may be plagued with a sedentary attitude. This is a perfect time for them to pick up a controller to keep their brains functioning and themselves amused. Working towards a goal, trying to solve a challenging puzzle, or even just letting loose and dancing to music is a great way to keep oneself stimulated and content. Games allow players to work at their own pace and to make their own choices. This provides them with a healthy outlet to rid the mind of stress. The core of every game is its goal and reward system. There almost always is a goal, and there are always rewards for doing objectives correctly and improving upon past trials. These rewards supply individuals with gratification and a sense of accomplishment. Also, since there is such a wide variety in the genre of video games, everyone can find something that interests them. In short, games are fun; there are games designed to cater to everyones interests which can provide a few moments of carefree enjoyment. This reason alone is a good enough rationale to participate in the exciting world of video games. In conclusion, video games are the source of many positive effects. They have been proven to aid struggling students in their academic life, to increase cognitive abilities, and advance the fields of technology and science. They even spark the imagination of individuals and sharpen their ability to be creative. Many professions have already started to utilize the amazing potential that games hold, and the focus of video game companies has started to shift towards education and helpful mediums rather than pure entertainment and mindless violence. Although some may contain addictive qualities and promote physical inactiveness, they are a lot healthier choice than most forms of media and entertainment available today. Video games could very well be the future of education and productivity; outdated curriculum and textbooks could be replaced by them, and they should therefore be embraced and celebrated rather than shunned and ignored by some adults and children alike.

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Aristotelian Intellectual Intuition, Basic Beliefs and Naturalistic Epistemology :: Philosophy Philosophical Essays

Aristotelian Intellectual Intuition, Basic Beliefs and Naturalistic Epistemology ABSTRACT: I first argue that Aristotelian intellectual intuition (recognizing archai through epagoge and seeing their truth by recognizing their explanatory power through nous) generates basic beliefs which are not inferred — inductively or deductively — from other beliefs. Both involve synthetic intuitive insight. Epagoge grasps a connection and nous sees its general applicability. I next argue that such beliefs are properly basic by adapting an argument made by Hilary Kornblith. According to Kornblith, the world is objectively divided into natural kinds. We humans perceive the world divided into natural kinds. There is empirical evidence suggesting that we divide the world not only as it is objectively divided, but in making inductive inferences, that is, in inferring that an object will have certain properties on the basis of its having others. This grounds the reliability of (certain) inductive inferences. But the leading principles (in Peirce’s sense) of the se inferences are basic beliefs generated through intellectual intuition. Hence intellectual intuition generates certain properly basic beliefs. For Aristotle science is demonstration from first principles. But how does one arrive at these first principles? We observe particular instances and record those observations in memory. This material generates a logos, a meaning. (1) This is the process of epagoge which frames or formulates the archai. We recognize that archai are true, we come to believe them, by the operation of nous. Through nous we come to recognize the explanatory power of archai. In recognizing this, that the archai are true to the facts, we recognize their truth. Particular experiences suggest a certain arche. But nous lets us see that this arche "is the way in which the facts can be understood." (2) But, as Randall emphasizes, nous does not intuit the explanatory power of these archai independently of, or in abstraction from, the facts they explain. "Nous does not `see' the truth of archai by holding them up, in isolation ..., and just staring at them; it `sees' their truth in the subject matter." (3) Does intellectual intuition generate basic beliefs? Experience suggests archai; nous grasps their truth by seeing that they explain certain facts. Are these archai then inferred beliefs, inferred from the facts they allegedly explain? Are they conclusions of arguments whose premises describe these facts? Aristotle views science as deductive system. The arche of that science would not be deduced from more basic first principles.

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Difference between Festival in Europe and China

Festivals are said to define who we are. These are sets of traditions that we follow in a certain community. For China and Europe, their festivals are alike in such way that they all prepare extravagantly for the event with costumes, dishes and etcetera (Richardson, 2006). These festivals also commemorate a certain person or event that is of great importance for the people in the country or community. Some festivities like the Saint Valentines’ day and Christmas day are also alike in some ways. For instance, valentines day is the time were people express their love for the people that they care about just like in Christmas.Though Valentines Day connote lovers and couples it still gives the message of love in the same way as Christmas is the day of love and sharing(Pleck, 1999). The color red is also very popular during these festivities since it is the color of love. The atmosphere of the two festivals is the same since there is an air of love, sharing and compassion. People e xchange gifts and they have an icon that represents them. For valentines it is the cupid and for Christmas it is Santa(Elevale, 2007). However they vary in time since the former is on February 14 and Christmas is on December 25.New Year on the other hand is different from the festivals mentioned above. It is more related to other Chinese festivals since they ward off evil spirits through the use of fireworks. This festival is also not about love and sharing but of a fresh start. There are no figures or icons associated with it unlike that of Christmas and Valentines Day. Just like in the Dragon Boat Festival, the main focus is scaring away the evil in the home. The Dragon Boat festival in China is called â€Å"Duan Wu Jie† in Chinese and it is celebrated along with Mid-autumn festival and Chinese New year.It is one of the three major festivals celebrated on the fifth lunar month of the Chinese calendar and on its fifth day which normally falls on June 5. This is also known as the double fifth day. The fifth day of the month is believed by the Chinese to be the month of the devil since this is the time were disease become rampant. The Dragon Boat festival is done to drive away these evil spirits. This festival has the longest record in history because of its relevance to the lives of its citizens. Through the festival they are reminded to take care of their health and drive away evil spirits.This festival is highlighted by dragon boat races. Contestants ride in colorful boats with dragon designs and they row together with the rhythm of the drums. There are also special dishes that are associated with the festival. A few of these is the hsiung huan wine that adults drink to prevent evil from invading their body and to bring inner peace. Another dish is the tzung tzu which is a rice ball that was believed to e eaten by Chu Yuan before he drowned. Chu Yuan is a Poet who took his own life by jumping off the boat when he felt that there is nothing that he cou ld do to save his country from bad luck.He was known to be a good man y his neighbors so to prevent the fish from eating his body they threw food to the river to feed the fishes. They also right on boats with loud drums to scare the fishes. The fierce dragons are also added to the head of the boat. His neighbors rushed to the river to find his body and that is where the dragon race is said to have originated. It is said that the dragon festival is done to commemorate his death in 277 B. C. at the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (low, 2006).Since then the festival has evolved into eating the rice dumplings instead of throwing them to the fishes and because this festival also reminded them to take care of their health, they hanged herbs at their front doors. The most significant part of the festival is done at 12 noon where they try to balance and egg and make is stand. If they can do it, they will have a lucky year. The festival in Italy on the other hand is different of that in C hina. The focus is on the streets and not in the river. They decorate it with lights and vendors begin to line up the streets.The Festa della Madonna Bruna is a celebration of the people’s devotion to the brown madona (Foschino, 2002). This is where men in horses and costumes parade the streets and they guard the float of the brown madona. The brown Madona is used by knights to protect them in battles. They would paint her face on their shields and on their chariots(Lee, 2000). People try to get a piece of this paper mache ripping it into pieces. The float is then reduced into just chicken wire and a few paper since the devotees have already torn it apart.But this act is not just an extreme form of fanaticism but is supported by their faith. This means that by destroying the old they give way to the new(Bakerjian, 2003). It is rebirth. This festival happens on the 2nd of July. The history of this festival goes as far as 1389, not as old as that in China. They also don’ t have special dishes. The festival is just ended with an extravagant fireworks display at the church(Martin, 2000). These festivals reflect the values and the history of the people who celebrate it. Though some of them may seem a bit peculiar, they bear certain significance to the community.They are celebrated with zest and joyfulness that the entire community is caught up in preparation. It is also anticipated by many. These festivals are important to the lives of the people since they have beliefs that they find necessary for their daily lives. Though these festivals have certain differences, they are intended to celebrate or commemorate the events that are important for the people and their community. It is a way of reliving the history of a community that has paved way into what the community has become. These are the events that shaped the lives of the populace either through religion or common practices.

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Obesity Affects Minority Youth Populations - 949 Words

Obesity disproportionally affects certain minority youth populations. According to the NHANES found African American and Mexican American adolescents between ages 12-19 were more likely to be overweight, the percentile ratio show that 21 to 23 percent respectively than non-Hispanic White adolescents in children 6-11 years old and 22 percent of Mexican American children were overweight, whereas 20 percent of African American children and14 percent of non Hispanic White children were overweight. In additional to the children and teens who were overweight in 1999-2002 another 15 percent were at risk of becoming overweight. In the national survey of American Indian Children 5-18 years old, 39 percent were found to be overweight or at risk of being overweight. children during the childhood and adolescence are at a higher risk of developing high cholesterol, hypotension, respiratory ailments, orthopedic problem, depression and type2 diabetes as a youth. One disease is particular cause s more concern Type 2 diabetes, which ids link to overweight and obesity has increased dramatically particularly in African American and Hispanic/ Latino population. During 1997-1999 the hospital cost alone for childhood obesity were estimated to be at 127 million and up 35 million constantly by2001. when you looked at the long -term consequence, overweight adolescents have 70 percent chance of becoming overweight or obese adult. Obesity in adulthood increase the risk of diabetes, highShow MoreRelatedChildren And Obesity783 Words   |  4 Pagesoverweight. Half of this population is considered to be obese. The rates of obesity, however, vary by age. 8 percent of children between 2 and 5 are obese. Among those between 6 and 11, 18 percent of these children are obese (Segal, Rayburn, Alejandra, 2016). Finally, 21 percent of those 12 and 19 years are obese. As mentioned before, obesity among children between 2 and 5 are decreasing. But those among age groups 11 and 19 are increa sing. This may explain the constant rate of obesity among children. VariationRead MoreA Study On The Chicano Theater1223 Words   |  5 Pageschoices and lifestyles are limited to what we are given or can contend to. Obesity is highest among the Hispanic population than any other ethnicity. The food is part of the problem; our â€Å"modern† lifestyle plays a very important role. The problem is tightly woven into our society and its effects are truly menacing, but the solution requires a complete reassessment of ourselves as an ethnicity, but as a people. The prevalence of obesity and overweight in all age groups is as a threat to health as well asRead MoreChildren And Type 2 Diabetes1533 Words   |  7 Pagesthe root causes and health declines with the end result being the increased rate of new T2DM cases in youth. Contributing behavioral issues manifest as poor lifestyle decisions that result in obesity and other health issues that support insulin resistance development in youth. Additionally emotional problems such as poor or low self-esteem, depression, and other issues can distracts parents and youth preventing them from taking appropriate action to control insulin issues in a timely fashion beforeRead MoreBlack Culture And Its Effects On Society1264 Words   |  6 PagesUrban areas are known for their large amounts of minority populations while rural areas are usually associated with people of Caucasian descent. The word ‘urban’ has become synonymous with the phrase, inner city. Historically, these terms strengthen the idea of â€Å"white flight† which is defined as â€Å"the departure of whites from places (such as urban neighborhoods or schools) increasingly or predominantly populated by minorities† (Merriam-Webster). Both of these words are often used as adj ectives toRead MoreImpact Of Obesity On The Health And Development Of Children And Adolescents1519 Words   |  7 PagesImpact on Health/Development Obesity has a profound impact on the health and development of children and adolescents. There are immediate and long term health risks, such as, asthma, sleep apnea, orthopedic complications, acid reflux, cardiovascular disease and insulin resistant type 2 diabetes. Severely obese adolescents can suffer serious morbidity. In fact, there are few organs systems that obesity does not affect. Of equal concern, are the teasing, discrimination, and bullying of obese adolescentsRead MoreHealthy Food Is Vital On Our Daily Lives1709 Words   |  7 Pagesrole in the accessibility for quality healthy food. A higher density of convenience stores seem to emerge more and more every year. This increase in convenience stores and absence of supermarkets and farmers markets are associated with the rate of obesity increasing among children. The mediating factors between the built environment and accessibility such as sociodemographic characteristics, security and safety, time allocation, and persona l and cultural variables. From where families go to accessRead MoreOklahoma State Department Of Health1233 Words   |  5 Pagessmoking, physical inactivity, hypertension, high cholesterol, poor diet, diabetes, and obesity. Oklahoma ranks towards the top of most of the health risk lists. Obesity is a major issue. Residential areas and commercial areas are generally miles apart and not within walking or biking distance. People must drive everywhere and physical activity must be a planned outing. Another contributor to the high occurrence of obesity is the southern cuisine that is eaten in Oklahoma, which includes many foods withRead MoreObesity Among Minorities Essays1946 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿Erick Cueva AP LANGUAGE Mrs. Finco February 2, 2014 Obesity among American minorities I am going to discuss the issue of obesity among American minorities. Elma Dieppa, cousin of Helen Casillas, still wonders if her beloved family member would be alive today if she had been more conscious of her weight contribution to her diabetes. She refused to take care of herself by not watching what she consumed or finding time during her day to exercise, Dieppa explains, reminiscing her as the â€Å"lifeRead MoreEnvironmental Influences On Childhood Obesity1717 Words   |  7 PagesSocial? Obesity has become a large and dark reality in United States. For someone who does not have sociological imagination being overweight is the result of bad personal choices or genetic predisposition. (Crosnoe) Cultural beliefs and practices related to food and feeding vary among ethnic groups, and these differences may contribute to different patterns of obesity in children and youth, related to their ethnicity. As described in the epidemiological overview show higher than average obesity p revalenceRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Growing, Public Health Disorder1596 Words   |  7 PagesPurpose of the Study: Childhood obesity is a growing, public health disorder that has actually been turned into a disease because it is so ordinary, now, in many Americans. When it comes to childhood obesity, most people ask why the parents are not doing something about it or why they did not interfere, earlier, before the disease came to be obesity. Traditionally, being a fat kid meant being a healthy and strong kid, a kid who was likely to survive the diligence of gaunt and viruses or infection